viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012


I haven't updated this in a long time, but whatever, that's the way things are and that's how they'll stay.
There have been a few new releases these past few months, like the ALTERCADO ESPIRITUAL 7" (you know, the only hardcore band in Spain), which is already sold out (if you want a copy you can look here ) or the MFP demo, which is also sold out. A couple more, but not really important.

I still have copies of the DICTADURA 12" (I only have copies with the 'battered woman' cover, limited one is sold out). Please buy this 12" and help me recoup the money that went into it, since we went through a slight case of being ripped off and the covers were a bit more expensive than we expected.

I also have some copies left of the Hollowmen and Out Crowd 7"s. Regarding the later, I should say that both me and the other person involved in releasing the 'demo' 7" are still in shock and awe at the fact that in Europe it was released at the same time by different labels, but I guess that's how it goes.

Ok, enough. The real reason for this new blog entry is that in a few days STOMP #015 will be available. That is the MFP 7", which is finally ready after having the test pressings approved and the artwork cleared. This is limited to 250 copies and is out on PAINKILLER RECORDS in the USA. MFP are from Boston, are all old-timers old enough to be your parents who've been playing this shit forever and the 7" is magnificently ugly and dumb hardcore, straight out of the late 80s and the east side of the US of A.

I'd also like to mention that SUPERSOLDIER TAPES has put out a compilation tape of SICK PEOPLE (from Brisbane, Australia) material. It features their demo, a live set and the stuff from the 'Split Scene' compilation.

Be on the lookout for the PODER ABSOLUTO demo which will be out soon and also the new TTF 7", which they have once again conned me into releasing. Title is "Keep It Alive", it will be limited to 300 copies with 3 different covers and layouts, but the music and wax color (black) will be the same for all. It will be a joint release with WHEN WE WERE and ACTUA. Six tracks that ooze positivism, although that's all a front and a pose, as only Fede believes that bullshit.
Fuck Barcelona and Madrid.

V A L E N C I A !

miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

STOMP #009 THE HOLLOWMEN "Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man" demo 7" disponible

Disponible finalmente el 7" con la demo de The Hollowmen "Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man"
Limitado a 300 copias.
50 rip off de Entombed

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

STOMP #011 Altercado Espiritual 7"

Los test pressings de ALTERCADO ESPIRITUAL ya están aquí, así que en un par de semanas tendremos listo el 7" debut de LA ÚNICA BANDA DE HARDCORE DE VALENCIA. Para fans de lo mejor de Boston y NY, las bambas espirituales, los guantes de podar y el mosh crucial. No son violentos, es que les da rabia.

ALTERCADO ESPIRITUAL test pressings are in! This means we'll have the debut 7" by THE ONLY HARDCORE BAND IN VALENCIA ready in a couple of weeks. For fans of early Boston and NY, hi-tops and creepy crawls, construction gloves and pile-ons, with a decidedly street-scum and mentally ill bent. War games in an age of quarrel.

miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

STOMP #007 DICTADURA "bajo la sombra del miedo" 12"LP

DICTADURA "Bajo la sombra del miedo"
 En nuestra nada humilde opinión, el mejor grupo hardcore-punk proveniente de Euzkadi desde los tiempos dorados de Buenavista. Zero Boys, Germs, Adolescents y La Perrera metidos en el mismo cóctel molotov y lanzados contra un coche de policía desde un monopatín. Dictadura suenan a todo aquello que te convenció cuando eras adolescente para acabar de joderte la vida escuchando discos de música punk. Edición compartida con No Thanks.(Robado del blog de SuperSoldiersTapes)

Straight from the basque country, snotty, rocking small town hardcore punk not unlike the NECROS, neighborhood classics LA PERRERA or a more current GOVERNMENT WARNING. Cover art is a tribute to mythical 90s anarcho-feminist collective DONES ESMUSSADES.

Pressing info:
400 black vinyl
100 grey vinyl

Puedes comprarlo aqui:

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

STOMP #009 THE HOLLOWMEN "Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man" demo 7"

Ya han llegado los 7"s de The Hollowmen con la demo,aun no están a la venta porque los muy vagos no me han enviado las portadas. Estos 5 chavales de Tenerife han conseguido con 4 conciertos,4 ensayos y una demo lo que llevan intentando en Madrid desde la época de las hachas de mano(desde 1996 aprox)

Vinyl for The Hollowmen demo 7"s is in, and awaiting for those lazy assholes to send in the cover art. These 5 outstanding lads from the Canary Islands have managed, with only 4 shows, 4 practices and a demo, to perfect what all the 'heavy hardcore' bands from Madrid have been trying forever (since 1996, actually).